The (Rigging Engineering) Program is perfect for riggers, crane operators...

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering, mike parnell, ITI Online, Education August 29, 2019


Much appreciation to Mike and the ITI team for development and administration of the Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering program. The Program is perfect for riggers, crane operators, and all construction professionals who want to add depth and breadth to their ability to work in today’s lifting and heavy transportation industry. The course content was presented in a practical and interesting way by industry experts. In addition, the books, reference cards, and other handout materials provide an important source of reference for addition to the rigging professional’s library. Finally, the on-line nature of the program made it convenient to study at my own pace and as my schedule permitted.


Steve C. 
Construction Manager 


You guys are saving lives

jim cox, mike parnell, Critical Lift Planning, Lift Director & Site Supervisor January 9, 2015

Here at FRPD we value relationship and quality and our tag line says a lot about us, “We Set The Standard”. We are certainly not perfect and we recognise that, but we do our best to follow this tag line and continually look for ways to achieve new and higher standard. That’s why we initially started to work with ITI. 

You may ask, why do I say this? Well, I wanted to pass along some comments about the course we just received from Jim Cox, Critical Lift Planning and Lift Director & Site Supervisor Training.

Jim did a “Fantastic” job to represent ITI and help us at achieving our goals. The instructor knowledge and demonstrated skills as a teacher, coach, guide and provider of information was one of the best I have the opportunity to see. As an instructor myself, I learned new teaching skills, confirmed others and was able to see a text book demonstration of what a perfect instructor should be. Yes I learned about the actual course objective, but as a HSE Manager I will rarely be the one performing the planning required in lifting operation, I just wanted to know about the subject.

Every single person that attended this course give me very good feedback. 10 FRPD employees attended this course, the mix was potentially very challenging with some very seasoned (Construction Manager, Superintendent and Engineer) to some very new people that have never even rigged anything. Jim pulled this off like a pro. The investment in this program is worth every single dollar. We are very pleased with ITI's continued outstanding training performance and we look forward to book our next program.   

Mike, this is a credit to you and your team, you guys are saving lives, you are “Setting The Standard”, we appreciate the knowledge, leadership and passion you have.

J.F. Landry, HS&E Manager, Fraser River Pile & Dredge

The Khan Academy of Rigging Mathematics

mike parnell, Showcase Webinar Series May 7, 2014

As usual, your webinar was great. Your presentations are like the Khan Academy of rigging mathematics. They are easy to follow and help to simplify the process.

Keith Greer, Lawson & Associates, Inc. 

1st Time any Training Course has been Viewed Positively by Management

Patrick Cotnoir, mike parnell, pat dower, abs machining November 21, 2012

We just wanted to let you know that there has been great feedback from the team on the course content and training methodology.  Even our most experienced veterans have learned something.

I can honestly say, this is the 1st time where a training course has been looked at in a very positive way at the management meeting from both our VP & Owner.  The advanced rigging training course made the employees think and use their head when & before lifting which was extremely important.  Our VP has even suggested that everyone in "A-Bay" (machining large parts) should take this course and he would also like to attend.  Our problem is how to make it happen without shutting down the company, but will be thinking about a solution and hopefully we can have you back for another training towards the end of 1st quarter next year.

Shadi Mohaisen, Operations Manager, ABS Machining

US Navy Appreciates ITI Rigging Training

mike parnell August 24, 2011

Great Training! It's worth the time and money. Mike Parnell is an outstanding instructor and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Carlos Delacruz
US Navy - Southwest Regional Maintenance Center

Note: Carlos attended ITI's Rigging Gear Inspector Level I/II Course in Woodland, Washington.

PCL Enjoys Rigging Training on Lift Planning

mike parnell, PCL October 20, 2010
PCL Holds Lift Planning Workshop in Bellevue, WA
PCL hired North America's largest rigging training provider to conduct a series of 8-hour courses for field foremen, site and project engineers, and superintendents. The fast-paced program was nearly all workshop driven, and challenged participants to solve a variety of problems relating to cranes and rigging activities.
Subjects addressed included weight estimation, CG, sling tensions, rigging methods, inspections and the series was capped off with a lift planning peer review and a new installation plan development project. The instructor was ITI Technical Director & Co-Founder, Mike Parnell, who serves as the ASME B30 Vice Chairman (Main Committee of the Crane & Rigging group) and the ASME P30 Chairman (Lift Planning).
Visit them at

Corey Vlad
PCL Construction Services, Inc.

40-60% Hands-On Crane & Rigging Training

mike parnell, hands-on rigging training, hands-on crane training October 5, 2010

NEW CRANE RULES-  How are we going to get our employees trained?  What are in the crane standards?  Certified Training for crane operators, certified riggers and signalmen, a lot of training and a lot of training companies out there….. but who is good and how is the small company going to afford the training?

People have been asking me for my two cents; and here it is. Do you want training or just a certificate.   I have attended several Rigging Training Courses and Mobile Crane Inspection Training courses over the last 25 years, most of them average at best.  Along comes Mike Parnell and Woodland, Washington; Industrial Training International….. BINGO.

Real classroom training and real hands-on training.  I have attend three rigging workshops out west and have had Mike and his company do training for CERTEX and Certex Customers in Birmingham, Decatur, Mobile and Atlanta.

There are many trainers and companies conducting crane and rigging training and they issue a nice, printed certificate.   Mike Parnell's trainers spend 40-50-60% on hands on training…HANDS ON TRAINING.  People tell me, "You are the best when it come to rigging."  I might be a good Toast Master, a good for a speech at a Safety Conference, but the best Crane & Rigging Trainer is Mike Parnell and his crane & rigging team.


Danny Callies, Safety Director

G&R Mineral Services

Memo of "Great Crane & Rigging Training" to Employees

Bob Schumacher, Dwight Henson, rigging training, crane training, mike parnell, lift director training, rigging training testimonial, crane training testimonial June 30, 2010
[Forrest's Memo to Hawaiian Dredging Employees]

Last week Gordon Caughman, Macy Wessel and I attended crane training at the ITI (Industrial Training International) facility in Woodland Washington. The training/certifications we completed are to satisfy emerging OSHA/ASME standards that will become industry requirements in the near future (early 2011).

Specifically we:

  • Completed ‘Lift Director/Site Supervisor' training course
  • Completed ‘Critical Lift Planning' training course
  • Completed ‘Advanced Rigger Certification' exam

Next Step:

  • Macy and I should participate in the ‘Master Rigger' program. In 1 week we will be able to gain experience in a wide range of lifting scenarios using many types of equipment (standard rigging, jacks, Hillmans, air beams, etc..). This is NOT a bunch of paperwork, rather a very practical experience that should better prepare us to develop lift plans and evaluate work practices.
  • We need to make sure enough ‘Advanced Riggers' are available on site. In the future lifts will need to be supervised by people with this qualification - something Joaquin can expand upon better than I. The P&I division probably needs 2 additional people with this certification.

Thoughts on the Training Program:

  • I was VERY impressed with ITI's facility and course materials. The problem solving portion of the ‘Advanced Rigger Certification' material is some of the best I have seen. The facility has almost every technology you can imagine available for use and training. The practical problem solving exercises are very educational and well thought out.
  • I can easily recommend a continuing relationship with ITI for our training.

Forrest Ramey
Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company



We were VERY impressed with the training program, specifically:

  • The facility is awesome, it is great to have all that gear in one place to play with. It's got everything; air beams, Hillmans, you name it!
  • All your personnel were great to deal with. The instructors we had (Dwight and Bob) were great in the classroom and in the field.

We really appreciate the help and hope to see you guys again soon.


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