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Testimonials about ITI

Oct 23, 2014 11:44:00 AM< 1 min read

Richard was Awesome

Richard was awesome as a teacher. Animated, knowledgeable, entertaining, helpful, and he ...
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Jul 29, 2014 1:56:00 PM< 1 min read

The Guys Loved the Training

I want to thank you all for letting us hold the crane and rigging course at our shop. In ...
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May 24, 2013 11:07:00 AM< 1 min read

"Excellent!" Rigging Training for NOAA

I just wanted to pass along my assessment of the rigging training we've received. ...
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Jul 23, 2010 1:52:00 PM< 1 min read

I Can Easily Recommend ITI for our Crane & Rigging Training

I was very impressed with ITI’s facility and course materials. The problem solving ...
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Jul 20, 2010 3:55:00 PM< 1 min read

Best Training In My 35-Year Career

Excellent field trip. This course is particularly standard/regulation loaded curriculum ...
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Jun 30, 2010 2:29:00 PM1 min read

Memo of "Great Crane & Rigging Training" to Employees

[Forrest's Memo to Hawaiian Dredging Employees] Last week Gordon Caughman, Macy Wessel ...
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Jun 17, 2010 11:41:00 AM< 1 min read

Great Feedback from Rigging Gear Inspector Training

SGS Safety offered rigging inspection training this week which was presented by ...
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Jun 17, 2010 11:38:00 AM< 1 min read

Great Rigging Training for our Crew!

Recently we were required to make a 3-crane pick on an ice breaker barge being built at ...
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Jun 17, 2010 11:35:00 AM< 1 min read

The Most Impressive Crane & Rigging Training Facilities Ever

Having many years of experience in the crane training industry, I have dealt with many of ...
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Jun 17, 2010 11:33:00 AM< 1 min read

Crane & Rigging Training Anonymous Testimonials

The instructor was as outstanding as the content.The course was great.
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