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Rigging Engineering Webinar Series with Keith Anderson

In this four-part webinar series, ITI Senior Consultant and Former Chief Rigging Engineer, Bechtel, Keith Anderson will discuss the fundamentals of rigging engineering. Whether you're just getting started or you've been a rigging expert for years, we promise you'll learn something new!

Each webinar is designed to cover approximately 50 minutes of content (though we could go on!) and will wrap with 10 minutes of live, interactive Q&A. 

Take a gander at our schedule and topic list below and secure your free spot before sessions fill up completely. If you find that a date/time doesn't work well with your schedule, don't worry! We will record and make each of the presentations in this series available to those who register for the event.

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Tandem Lifting & Multi-Crane Lifts
tandem lift-1Wednesday, July 21st @10:00am PST

During this live online event we will discuss:

  • Upending, inclining, and manipulating a load
  • Lifting a very long load
  • Statically indeterminate loading for 3+ cranes
  • Load shedding
  • Side loading
  • Increased radius

Upending and Inverting Loads - Best Practices
upending vesselWednesday, September 15th @10:00am PST

During this live online event we will discuss:

  • Vessel Upending
  • Crawler Crane Tailing
  • Crane on Outrigger Tailing
  • Tailing with a Head Crane
  • Tailing with a Tilt-Up Frame
  • Lift System with a Crawler Crane
  • Lift System with a Cross Slide
  • Lift System with a Trailer
  • Strand Jack with a Trailer

Load Sharing (It's Always a Good Idea to Share)
load sharingWednesday, December 8th @10:00am PST

During this live online event we will discuss:

  • Support Reactions
  • Equalization
  • Unequal Load Sharing
  • Equalizing Plates
  • Triangular Plate Handoffs
  • Spreader/Lift Beams



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