United Rentals and ITI Customers to Benefit from United Academy Partnership

Posted by Industrial Training International on May 1, 2017 8:15:00 AM

United Rentals and ITI Customers to Benefit from United Academy Partnership

United Rentals, Inc., the largest equipment rental company in the world, and Industrial Training International, a leader in innovative safety training solutions, have announced a reciprocal agreement under which customers of the two companies will have access to a world-class curriculum of shared training resources through United Academy® (http://www.unitedacademy.ur.com).United-Academy-Newlogo.png

Under the new partnership, ITI’s crane, rigging, rigging engineering and lift planning courses are now available to United Rentals customers in e-learning and instructor-led formats; similarly, ITI customers are able to utilize United Academy’s vast online course library and network of over 950 North American locations for classroom and blended learning training.

In addition to its new Cranes and Rigging training category, United Academy offers e-learning and instructor-led training options for the following categories, with select courses also available in French Canadian and Spanish:

  • Confined Space
  • Equipment Operations
  • Trench and Excavation
  • Fall Protection
  • Road Safety and Regulated Driving
  • Electrical Safety
  • Jobsite Safety
  • OSHA

United Rentals has established safety as a core value and is at the forefront of promoting job site safety and compliance across all equipment rental applications. In addition to its online curriculum, United Academy’s classroom and blended learning options can be completed at customer locations or at United Rentals branch locations throughout the United States and Canada.

“We are just ecstatic about the opportunity to offer ITI crane, rigging and lift planning courses via United Rentals, a true industry leader in safety. Our specialized ITI curriculum has been developed, refined and improved for the last 30 years by ITI subject-matter experts who are industry leaders in their own right. The ITI course offerings are a great fit with United Academy’s existing training library and impressive infrastructure for learning delivery,” commented Zack Parnell, president and chief executive officer of ITI.

Founded in 1986 by Mike and Darlene Parnell, ITI exists “to serve and learn, every day.” Over more than 30 years, this simple mission has driven ITI to the position it holds today: a world leader in training and technical services regarding cranes, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, and most recently virtual reality (VR) simulations. ITI offers over 30 courses through its full-time, highly experienced technical training team. Instructor-led training courses are delivered at customer locations and seven ITI Training Centers in the United States and Canada, as well as through a robust online course catalog.

For more information about ITI courses offered through United Academy, visit www.iti.com/solutions or call 800.727.6355 to speak with a Training Solutions Advisor.

About United Rentals and United Academy

United Rentals, Inc. (NYSE: URI) is the largest equipment rental company in the world, primarily serving construction and industrial customers with approximately 13,600 employees and 950 locations. The company’s United Academy® online training center, launched in 2014, has become the equipment industry’s most comprehensive platform for safety and operator training. United Academy utilizes a blended learning approach that integrates online theory and examination with a live practical evaluation conducted by a certified evaluator. Additionally, United Academy allows for easy verification of training taken through the Academy and other sources using a unique wallet card and mobile app. More information is available at www.unitedrentals.com and www.unitedacademy.ur.com/.

About ITI

ITI is a privately held company headquartered in Woodland, WA. The company specializes in cranes, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, and VR Simulation training and technical services through multiple facets of delivery. Visit www.iti.com for more information.

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CONEXPO 2017 - Team ITI [Photo Diary]

Posted by Industrial Training International on Mar 16, 2017 8:06:54 AM

CONEXPO 2017 - Team ITI [Photo Diary]

5 Days, over 2,500 exhibitors, 100,000 attendees, and over 2,500,000 square feet of show space. CONEXPO 2017 is officially in the books! Before you start to prepare for the 2020 industry staple, here is a quick look back at the mammoth event from the perspective of the ITI Team. 

CONEXPO 2017 | Las Vegas, Nevada | March 7-11, 2017

CONEXPO Gold Lot Overhead.jpgThe view from over the Gold Lot and Gold Hall at CONEXPO 2017. The Gold Lot featured the majority of the cranes and heavy equipment present at the event. In addition to these two exhibition spaces, the show featured seven more "halls" and three more "lots" to host the 2,500+ exhibitors from all over the globe.

Photo Mar 08, 12 05 16 PM.jpg 

There will be cranes - Ground-level view from the NCCCO exhibit space near the entrance of the Gold Lot. Its safe to say that there were some booms in the air.

Outside Gold Lot.jpg

The calm before the storm - Exhibitors in the Gold Lot prep for the 100,000+ attendees just before the show opens. 

Photo Mar 06, 2 07 38 PM.jpg

Its always more fun with friends, Part I - Caleb Steinborn from ITI and Andrew Czarnietzki from Serious Labs prep the Motion Base VR Mobile Crane Simulator Unit that was available for demo at the Tadano exhibit. This particular Motion Base hardware unit was manufactured with an actual Tadano crane seat and the actual control levers from a crane that was taken out of service. 

NCCCO VR Sim.jpg

Its always more fun with friends, Part II - The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators' (NCCCO) exhibit space housed an ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator Desktop Hardware Unit for the full length of the event. This portable unit secures with ease to any table, further lowering the existing barriers to simulator training.

ITI Booth - Opening.jpg

1 booth, 3 VR simulator options - Members of the ITI team run through final tests before the opening of the show. The ITI exhibition featured two VR Mobile Crane Simulators including a desktop hardware unit and a motion-base hardware unit. Additionally, the VR Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Simulator offered a valuable demonstration of a solution to help bridge the gap between theory and competency for trainees. 

ITI Booth - Rush Hour.jpg

The real fun begins! - Crowds begin to gather as operators and non-operators alike experience ITI VR for the first time. 

ITI Booth - Big Crowd.jpg

The VR buzz - All week long CONEXPO attendees waited for their chance at the ITI VR experience. Although, maybe it was the matching t-shirts that drew everyone in? We may never know the truth...

Photo Mar 07, 11 40 00 AM.jpg

Iron Planet - Oh yeah there were a few cranes on site...

Photo Mar 06, 8 45 20 AM.jpg

Top shelf entertainment - The Las Vegas street performers really took it up a notch for CONEXPO this year.


"I felt like I was 50 feet in the air!" - A common response from CONEXPO attendees who tried out the ITI VR Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Simulator. The motion base hardware unit is completely immersive and provides the most realistic AWP simulator training available. The all inclusive hardware and software package is available now and retails for $89,950.

Photo Mar 06, 6 18 37 PM.jpg

To be continued in 2020?!

You can view the full ITI CONEXPO Gallery on the ITI Facebook Page here.

Highlights from the event website are available here.

For more information about ITI VR and the VR Mobile Crane Simulator visit www.iti.com/vremail vr@iti.com or call 800.727.6355 to speak with an ITI VR Product Manager.

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Lift & Move USA - Tampa, Florida [Photo Diary]

Posted by Industrial Training International on Feb 27, 2017 4:25:41 PM

Lift & Move USA - Tampa, Florida [Photo Diary]


There is a skills and labor gap in the United States. As a generation prepares to retire from the trades and craft work, a new generation must fill their shoes. The crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries are no exception, as companies are looking for mechanics, inspectors, riggers, equipment operators and countless other integral roles in the industry. Lift & Move USA is targeted at young people considering their future careers, including students in high school and those attending community and technical colleges. 

ITI participated in the February 14th Lift & Move Event at ALL Crane in Tampa. If you weren't in attendance along with the 400+ high school and technical school students, here is the next best thing!

Photo Diary: Lift & Move USA | All Crane - Tampa | February 14, 2017

Photo Feb 14, 2 28 01 AM.jpg
"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

- Ben Franklin

This guy might be on to something...

All Crane Entrance.jpg 

The entrance to where all the magic happened - Founded by the Liptak brothers in 1954, as ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp, the ALL Family of Companies now is made up of more than 35 locations in the United States and Canada. With sales and rental solutions for every project imaginable, the ALL Family of Companies prides itself on being a leader in the crane industry.

Photo Feb 14, 3 52 06 AM.jpg

The All Crane - Tampa Yard - Prepping for the day's events. The majority of the stations and speaking sessions took place in the red building to the right. The crane in the foreground will later be used for a demonstration lift performed by the ALL Crane team for all the attendees. 

Photo Feb 14, 5 30 01 AM.jpg

The calm before the storm - Sponsors and vendors take a deep breath, and grab a quick break before the 400+ students arrive. ITI contributed to the event by giving the students a chance to "run" a 100 Ton Tadano All-Terrain Crane on the ITI Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Crane Simulator. The ITI station was conveniently located next to the Mazzella Companies. The ITI Cleveland, OH Training Center is located at Mazzella's Headquarters in Cleveland. 

All Crane Brett.jpg

Lift & Move USA Executive Director, Brett Melvin, addresses the attendees as the event kicks off. Lift & Move USA is the result of Mr. Melvin's foresight and vision to create a pipeline to aid in the turnover of an aging workforce in the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries. 

Photo Feb 14, 6 12 57 AM.jpg

The ALL Crane Tampa Team performs a demonstration lift for the Lift & Move USA attendees. The load is a 40 Ton trailer platform. The ALL Crane Team demonstrated a number of different functions and responsibilities necessary to complete a lift including - Crane Operator, Riggers, Signal Person, and Tagline Users. The lift was performed exactly as planned with zero complications. 

Photo Feb 14, 9 01 13 AM.jpg

Lift & Move attendees take their shot at different crane operator scenarios on the ITI VR Mobile Crane Simulator. Attendees had the opportunity to experience VR Simulation as well as a legacy crane simulator option at the event. 

Photo Feb 14, 9 25 12 AM.jpg

The first time in recorded history that male teenagers have foregone free food (photo was taken during lunchtime), in order to take part in a learning activity. [Unconfirmed, researchers are trying to verify]

Photo Feb 14, 9 25 18 AM.jpg

The day comes to a close as the buses are loaded up, and the sponsors begin to pack up their stations. Another successful Lift & Move USA is in the books!


There are three more Lift & Move Events scheduled for the remainder of 2017 - 

  • May 3 | Chicago, IL | Hosted by Lifting Gear Hire
  • September 14 | Ft. Wayne, IN | Hosted by Buchanan Hauling
  • November 15 | Baton Rouge, LA | Hosted by Berard Transportation & Deep South Crane

For more information about Lift & Move USA visit www.liftandmoveusa.com or email brett.melvin@liftandmoveUSA.com if you are interested in sponsoring an upcoming event.

For more information about ITI VR and the VR Mobile Crane Simulator visit www.iti.com/vremail vr@iti.com or call 800.727.6355 to speak with an ITI VR Product Manager.


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ITI Partners with Capital Safety Fall Protection

Posted by Industrial Training International on Jan 27, 2017 3:35:19 PM

ITI Partners with Capital Safety Fall Protection

Capital Safety (www.capitalsafety.com) and Industrial Training International (www.iti.com) have announced a partnership beginning in 2017, where ITI will host select Capital Safety Fall Protection courses at the ITI Training Center in Woodland, Washington. Additionally, the entire ITI Technical Team went through a "train-the-trainer" program in September of 2016, and is now approved to deliver Authorized Person and Equipment Inspector fall protection training for crane and rigging professionals, and other industrial employees working at heights. 

The fall protection courses will utilize the two-story Bull Rigging Structure that currently resides inside the hands-on skills building area of the Training Center. The Bull Rigging Structure is typically utilized in rigging application training courses to give workers practical, hands-on experience moving loads with chain hoists, in tight, hard to maneuver conditions, much like the environment inside a plant or factory. ITI maintains another two-story Bull Rigging Structure at the Houston, Texas Training Center, with one-story structures in Memphis, Tennessee and Edmonton, Alberta.


Capital Safety, a 3M Company, is an industry-leader in Fall Protection products and solutions, including harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines and engineered systems. They employ a fully staffed training group that executes open enrollment courses, specialty training programs, and on-site training at customer locations all across North America. 

Industrial Training International is a world leader in training and technical services regarding cranes, rigging, lift planning, and rigging engineering.  ITI offers 30+ courses through its specialized instructor-led team at its hands-on training centers as well as at customer locations.  Additionally, its e-learning services include on-demand courses and VR crane and rigging simulation.


Capital Safety courses currently scheduled for 2017 at ITI’s Woodland, WA location include: 


About Capital Safety


Capital Safety is a manufacturer of fall protection, confined space, and rescue equipment for oil and gas, construction, utilities, wind energy, transportation, telecommunication, mining, and general industries. They are headquartered in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, with primary manufacturing and training facilities in Red Wing, Minnesota. Capital Safety operates manufacturing, distribution and training facilities worldwide, and has more than 20,000 sku’s and holds more than 400 active patents.

About ITI


ITI is a privately held company with headquarters in Woodland, WA. The company specializes in cranes, rigging, lift planning and rigging engineering training and technical services through all facets of delivery.

For more information, visit iti.com/solutions, or call 8000.727.6355 to speak with a Training Solutions Adviser today.

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Bechtel to Host ITI Customer Advisory Open-House Focusing on Crane & Rigging Technology & Innovation

Posted by Industrial Training International on Jan 13, 2017 7:18:07 AM

Bechtel to Host ITI Customer Advisory Open-House Focusing on Crane & Rigging Technology & Innovation

Houston, TexasVRCraneSim2.jpg

Industrial Training International (iti.comwill be hosting customers at Bechtel's Oil, Gas & Chemicals Offices in Houston, Texas on Friday, February 10th, 2017, from 8AM to 5PM for an open-house featuring an incredible lineup of innovative solutions regarding cranes, rigging, industrial training and safety.

There is very limited space at the event which will allow participants to demo four innovative products in 15-minute intervals. To request a demonstration time slot visit www.iti.com/innovation, space and availability is very limited.

Bechtel subject-matter experts have participated in the Technical Advisory Group for ITI's development of its virtual reality mobile crane simulator project along with several other organizations (www.iti.com/vr) given its strong culture of innovation and desire to leverage technology to enhance its operations. 

A preview of the four stations that will be available for demonstration are as follows:

VR Mobile Crane Simulator

  • ITI's virtual reality mobile crane simulator developed in partnership with Serious Labs contains over 400 scenarios and multiple crane types used to screen potential operators, train apprentices, and provide continuous training and qualification of existing employees or contractors.

VR Aerial Work Platform Simulator

  • Virtual reality aerial work platform simulator developed by ITI's partners, Serious Labs and United Rentals, is the most state-of-the-art and safe way to train and qualify new AWP operators.

OJT Simulations

  • On-the-job training simulations from ITI's partners, TPC Training Solutions and Serious Labs, help automate and standardize industrial skills assessments.


  • Interactive and immersive instructor-led training powered through virtual reality from ITI's partner, Serious Labs, for instructor and student interaction that surpasses timezones and allows a live virtual audience of thousands.

ITI has hosted similar customer advisory events in the past in New York, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, and Houston. In July 2016, ITI with host Mammoet USA, filled the conference room at Mammoet's Rosharon, Texas US-headquarters for a similar event with over 30 participants. The company aims to hear and understand customer feedback which in turn drives its decision-making and service offerings.

To learn more about this event and other ITI services please contact Jonah Hobson, Director of Customer Success, at jonah@iti.com.

To learn more about ITI's capabilities in the Houston Area, please contact Justin Meade, General Manager of ITI Houston, at justin@iti.com

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3 Instructor Positions Opened in 2017 Budget at North American Crane & Rigging Training Leader

Posted by Industrial Training International on Dec 22, 2016 8:43:30 AM

3 Instructor Positions Opened in 2017 Budget at North American Crane & Rigging Training Leader

Woodland Washington | Houston, Texas | December 22, 2016  

Industrial Training International (iti.com) has opened three full-time instructor positions in its 2017 operating budget to increase its full-time equivalent trainer count to 14 in North and South America.

The ITI Technical Services Team includes:

  • Jim Cox, Senior Instructor, Hoist & Inspection Chair, Woodland, Washington
  • Michael Johnson, Senior Instructor, Woodland, Washington
  • Richard Marcotte, Instructor, Rigging Chair, Banff, Alberta
  • John Bartlett, Instructor, Mobile Crane Chair, Portland, Maine
  • Efren Solis, Instructor, Houston, Texas
  • Jay Dyson, Instructor, Woodland, Washington
  • Amanda Jordan, Regional Director & Instructor, Houston, Texas
  • Fernando Ferraz, Managing Director & Instructor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Alberto Rocha, Instructor, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Joe Kuzar, Assistant Technical Director, Woodland, Washington
  • Mike Parnell, Technical Director, Woodland, Washington

In 2016 this Team conducted over 1,500 training days with thousands of students in every US State and 10 countries worldwide. ITI Instructors are true industry professionals who participate in industry committees and associations including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association of Crane & Rigging Professionals, American Society of Safety Engineers, Electric Power Research Institute, Associated Wire Rope Fabricators, Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, Houston Business Roundtable and many more.

Instructor candidates are evaluated with three key areas in mind: ITI Culture Fit, Role Success, and Staying Power. The role is a difficult one to fill - the company reports that about 1 in 100 applicants are hired due to the stringency of the hiring criteria and sheer difficulty of the role which matches communication and technical skills with a fast-paced road warrior work activity.

This year, the company is regretfully celebrating the retirements of two consummate training professionals, Devon Beasley (30 years) and Bob Schumacher (10 years).  Since 1986, ITI Instructors have contributed to the improvement of crane and rigging competency and safety throughout the world.

The company is preferring candidates for these three openings based near three of its training centers located in Houston, Memphis, Cleveland.

To learn more about the Instructor positions available visit www.iti.com/careers-technical-team

To learn more about all Careers at ITI, visit www.iti.com/careers


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ITI Year in Review - 2016

Posted by Industrial Training International on Dec 6, 2016 9:49:00 AM

ITI Year in Review - 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, here is a look back at some of the highlights, milestones, and a sneak-peek into 2017 and beyond!


Questions? Please direct to info@iti.com

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The Future of Training & Work [Infographic]

Posted by Industrial Training International on Nov 22, 2016 9:35:00 AM

The Future of Training & Work [Infographic]

Technology is a driving force of change. Plain and simple, it changes the way we do things. Take a minute to contemplate how technology has changed the following over the past 50 years:

  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Health & Wellness
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Security
  • Record Keeping

The differences are astounding. Now, two emerging technologies - Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), have the potential to completely overhaul how training and skilled work are completed. Here are the numbers:

The Future of Training and Work.jpg



To learn more about VR and AR register for the next Showcase Webinar. Information is below:

Alternatives to Reality: Virtual & Augmented Reality and the Future of Industrial Work

Wednesday, December 14 | 10 AM PST/1 PM EST | Register Here

Presenters: Zack Parnell, President, ITI

Andrew Czarnietzki, Product Designer, Serious Labs, Inc.

Learning Points:

- Training & On-boarding w/VR
- VR Equipment & Task Simulation
- AR vs. VR (Working Mode vs. Training Mode)
- AR Applications (Mini Case Studies)

The live webinar will conclude with an open Q&A session.

Register for the Webinar


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New Technology Alert - Buckner Introduces Earthloc [Webinar]

Posted by Industrial Training International on Oct 17, 2016 9:53:31 AM

New Technology Alert - Buckner Introduces Earthloc [Webinar] 

The next Showcase Webinar is set for October 27 at 10 AM Pacific Time/1 PM Eastern Time, and will feature a case study on a brand new technology that addresses the stabilization of ground for mobile crane work and permanent structures.Earthloc_Module_003.png Earthloc, developed by Buckner Heavylift Cranes, could very well be a game changer when it comes to ground stabilization issues. The webinar will feature a use case study of the technology on two recent Buckner projects with Heavylift & Rigging Planner Jim Jatho leading the discussion. The webinar details are below:

Buckner Presents Earthloc: A Revolutionary New System for Supporting Mobile Crane Operations and Permanent Foundations

  • Thursday, October 27, 10am PDT/1pm EDT
  • Presenter: Jim Jatho, Heavylift & Rigging Planner, Bucker Heavylift Cranes

Sign up for the webinar here!

Mr. Jatho has been with Buckner for more than five years, during which he has been involved in the planning and execution of hundreds of critical lifts without incident. He has planned lifts in a number of environments including oil refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, wind farms, and nuclear power plants. Throughout his career in the heavylift industry, Jim has been an innovator, developing his own tools and software to aid in the lift planning process.

If you have questions about the webinar please direct them to webinars@iti.com or call 800.727.6355. 

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ITI to Host NCCCO Commissioners for Fall Meeting 2016

Posted by Industrial Training International on Oct 11, 2016 2:22:08 PM

ITI to Host NCCCO Commissioners for Fall Meeting 2016

Over 60 NCCCO Commissioners, committee members, and guest are expected to attend the 41st Biannual NCCCO Commissioner Meeting hosted at Industrial Training International's Woodland, Washington Headquarters and Training Center, Oct. 18-21.NCCCO_Meeting_2015.jpg

The week-long event will include the full Commissioner's meeting, which will be highlighted by updates to the rule making process for several pending OSHA regulations (including crane operator qualification and technical amendments), reports on recent action items from various NCCCO Committees, and an update from the NCCCO Board of Directors. 

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) was formed in January 1995, as a non-profit organization with it mission to develop effective performance standards for safe crane operation to assist all segments of general industry and construction. By providing thorough, independent assessments of knowledge and skills, NCCCO aims to enhance lifting equipment safety, reduce workplace risk, improve performance records, stimulate training, and give due recognition to the professionals who work in, with, and around cranes.

ITI participates formally on the Lift Director Committee with Joseph Kuzar, Assistant Technical Director and the company has sponsored NCCCO events in the past including a Commissioner's Meeting in 2014 in Dallas (pictured right).  ITI has invited local companies to participate in this Meeting through sponsorships including Kiewit (www.kiewit.com), West Coast Training (www.heavyequipmenttraining.com), West Coast Wire Rope (www.wcwr.com), and Samson Rope Technologies (www.samsonrope.com).

A special addition to the Fall Meeting is the ITI Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Crane Simulator, which will be open for attendee demonstrations and feedback throughout the meeting. The VR Crane Simulator is scheduled for a March 2017 release, and will include a simulation course that serves as a preparation tool for national certification crane operator practical exams.


If you are interested in attending the Oct. 18-21 meeting, email info@iti.com or call 800.727.6355.


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