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Industrial Training InternationalFeb 28, 2024 2:19:23 PM3 min read

ITI Receives Oregon Military Department Award - Employer of the Year

The Oregon Military Department recently informed all airmen in the Oregon Air National Guard of the 2023 State Annual Award winners in several categories, and we are incredibly proud to share that ITI was included among the winners, receiving the award for Employer of the Year! 

ITI embodies a profound commitment to the Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) and national security through its supportive corporate policies and practices. With 13% of its staff comprising of military veterans from diverse branches including the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard, this integration of military experience into its workforce, coupled with the unique aspect of all Human Resource staff being spouses of active military members, reflects ITI’s deep understanding of and commitment to the military community.

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ITI's Support for Project Manager, Captain Leo Short as a Citizen Airman and Service Member:

ITI's support for the ORANG transcends standard employment practices, directly impacting national security. The proactive approach in hiring and accommodating military personnel is exemplified in instances such as employing a service-related disabled veteran prior to the end of his military contract, thereby ensuring continuous employment and facilitating a seamless transition back into civilian life. ITI allowed Capt. Short to attend a highly specialized Aircraft Mishap Investigation Course (AMIC) at Kirtland AFB in May 2023. The skills and certifications from this course not only support the ORANG, but the entire Reserve Component, to include active duty Air Force incidents.

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In addition to AMIC, Capt. Short also volunteered over three weeks in support of exercise ENDURING PARTNERS at Korat AFB in Thailand, bringing together multiple Air National Guard (ANG) assets as part of Washington's State Partnership Program (SPP.) This level of support was evident when Capt. Short returned from this overseas deployment, as ITI offered him the flexibility to work from home, facilitating a smoother transition back to civilian life and family. Additionally, ITI also supported Capt. Short's temporary duty at Tyndall AFB where he managed critical flightline activities, provided oversight, and maintained consistent communication with mission stakeholders.

His work ethic and leadership, mirrored by ITI's support, exemplify the synergy between military commitment and corporate responsibility. It also underscores ITI's commitment to not only stand behind their employees but also to contribute to the broader objectives of the ANG. ITI's Supplemental Paid Military Leave policy further highlights the commitment, as this policy offers up to 240 hours of leave time per year for management staff and 120 hours for regular employees, supplementing the pay received from the US Armed Forces to ensure no loss in regular compensation during military service.

Connecting the Importance of Employee Welfare to National Security

Image (10) ITI's support for Capt. Short throughout 2023 is emblematic of a broader commitment to veterans, as seen in an inspiring story of Kyle McDermott, a fellow veteran at ITI. McDermott's journey with his service dog Eros at ITI is a testament to the company's culture of inclusivity and understanding of the unique challenges faced by veterans. This environment not only benefits individuals like Capt. Short and Kyle but also enriches the workplace, fostering a sense of community and support.

ITI's proactive approach in accommodating and understanding the needs of Capt. Short further demonstrates their unwavering commitment to their employees' well-being. Employing disabled veterans and allowing for extended military leaves, as in the case of Capt. Short, results in a tangible sacrifice for ITI. This profound dedication to supporting veterans in their transition to civilian life and in their ongoing roles within the company underscores why ITI is a deserving recipient of the ORANG Employer of the Year Award for 2023.

If you or someone you know, is interested in joining an award winning organization, please visit: to learn about open roles at ITI.

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