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Katie ReganMar 12, 2024 10:37:56 AM2 min read

Cleveland Cliffs Stays a Step Ahead with ITI Simulations



Cleveland Cliffs has successfully implemented ITI VR Crane Sim technology at not one, not two, but a sizeable six of their North American locations. Taking advantage of unique, OEM hardware that is built to spec, Cleveland Cliffs elected to go with the VR crane sim model which features a motion-base platform, as well as the more portable desktop model.

Prior to utilizing ITI Simulations, Cleveland Cliffs incurred substantial expenses pertaining to having to withdraw cranes from service or incur rental costs in order to facilitate training and evaluations. Through the incorporation of the VR crane simulator, Cleveland Cliffs anticipates saving both time and money while ensure the safety of their workforce through immersive training and assessment scenarios (1,000+!). This enhancement to Cleveland Cliffs' already meticulous internal training structure and program, enables them to further document due diligence and operator performance, further strengthening safety protocols across their North America sites.

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About ITI Simulations

The ITI Virtual Reality Crane & Equipment Training suite has been developed in partnership with original equipment manufacturers to ensure an experience on par with operating the exact machinery each simulation was designed to replicate. Our varied scenarios and virtual crane simulation courses offer the range of challenges needed to turn beginners into experts.

  • 1-to-1 Authenticity - In partnership with leading crane manufacturers like Broderson, Liebherr, Link-Belt, Tadano, and Terex, we strive to create a virtual experience indistinguishable from the real world.
  • Robust, Unmatched & Growing Offering - With 9 crane models, 1,000+ scenarios our community of subscribers benefit from a growing and unmatched breadth and depth of simulation content, without having to pay more for new features.
  • Continuous Improvement with our Customers - We never settle and don't expect our customers to either. That is why so many of the world's best-run organizations are a part of the ITI VR community including Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Nucor Steel, General Electric, United Rentals and the US Navy utilize the ITI VR Crane Sim. The pioneering subscription model allows our community members unlimited content updates including, new crane types, training scenarios, and environments as they become available.


Are you interested in gaining the ultimate advantage by incorporating ITI Simulations into your company's training program?

About Cleveland Cliffs

Cleveland Cliffs is the largest flat-rolled steel company in North America and a leading supplier of automotive-grade steel, has selected ITI Simulations  The Company is vertically integrated, from mined raw materials and ferrous scrap, to primary steelmaking and downstream finishing, stamping, tooling and tubing. Cleveland-Cliffs has the unique advantage of being self-sufficient in the production of raw materials for steelmaking. With ongoing initiatives to reduce waste, improve water conservation, and having already reduced carbon emissions by 25%, we are committed to being North America's leader in steelmaking sustainability. Learn more about Cleveland Cliffs at: 


About ITI

Industrial Training International (ITI) is a global leader in the design and delivery of learning solutions for organizations conducting crane, rigging, and load handling activities. Founded in 1986, the company originally specialized in instructor-led training, field services, and consulting. ITI has since grown to also produce live online, and on-demand courses delivered via the ITI Learning Hub and has been recognized with numerous industry association awards for its groundbreaking virtual reality crane and equipment simulations solution. For more information, visit: