A Practical How-To Guide: Rigging Engineering Calculations


In case you missed it, ITI was featured in the November/December 2018 issue of the Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International magazine. Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International is firmly established as the leading media presence for professionals involved in the logistics of over-dimensional and heavy cargo. Written by an international team of award-winning journalists, HLPFI delivers essential information about the movement of such cargo across the whole range of transport modes.

 This article highlighted Rigging Engineering Calculations, which is a featured item in the ITI Bookstore. This book is a "how-to" resource for many of the calculations required in rigging operations and is intended to complement Rigging Engineering Basics, or can be used stand-alone.

Topics include:

  • Verify a lift beam or spreader
  • Calculate sage and tension in a suspended line
  • Calculate lashing forces in a transport arrangement
  • Determine if a barge is stable
  • Calculate suspension forces in complex arrangements
  • Assess wind forces
  • Design a crane matting arrangement
  • Determine crushing forces in a wrapped basket hitch
  • and much, much more...

To read the full article, please visit Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International's website HERE

To purchase Rigging Engineering Calculations from the ITI bookstore, click on the link below:

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