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Amanda HenryDec 19, 2018 2:38:39 PM1 min read

Rigging with the Bulls

In the December issue of Cranes Today, ITI's Bull Rigging course was highlighted in their article titled "Rigging with the Bulls." Bull rigging is easy to recognize, but hard to define as a way of moving a load. The crane has got the load as far as it can. The jib may be at the end of its reach, there may be an obstacle to moving the crane body, there may be an overhang, or the destination may be in a confined interior space with little or no headroom, while the load is a large module that needs to be maneuvered into it. Moving the load that last bit that the crane cannot manage— that, essentially, is bull rigging.

ITI's Bull Rigging intermediate to advanced course focuses on planning for and utilization of chain hoists and other similar devices to drift, upright and turn loads. At least half of this course involves hands-on activities moving loads into and out of an engineered structure, vertically through hatchways and through various other openings. 

Course Subjects:

  • Chain Hoist & Applicable Rigging Inspection
  • Load Distribution
  • Center of Gravity Determination
  • Sling/Chain Hoist Tension
  • Single and Multiple Load Rigging Points
  • Multiple Overhead Connection Points
  • Load Turning
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Trolley Beams

To read the full article, please visit Crane Today's website HERE

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