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Industrial Training InternationalMay 2, 2019 9:21:01 AM< 1 min read

John "Red" Bartlett Recognized as Top Trainer

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Trainers, particularly great trainers, are worth their weight in gold. Their ability to engage students and teach vital information that makes workplaces safer and more productive keeps on giving for years after a class is done.

The winner in the Corporate category of the 2019 Top Trainer Award is Adam Franz of Mazzella Companies. The winner in the Professional category is Randy Bucher of Crane Institute of America. Honorable Mention (second place) in the Corporate category went to Wayne Wille of Straightpoint, and Honorable Mention in the Professional category went to John "Red" Bartlett of Industrial Training International...


John (Red) Bartlett, Trainer, Industrial Training International 

John "Red" Bartlett brings nearly 40 years of experience as a crane and equipment operator and inspector, rigger, rigging inspector, trainer, and project manager to every class he teaches...



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