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Jacklynn BurbankMay 17, 2019 1:03:02 PM2 min read

On-Demand Crane and Rigging Training Content: Tasting vs Feeding

When it comes to training, there is a distinct difference between tasting and feeding.  At ITI, the goal is to find knowledge gaps and skill building opportunities that might not always be “top of mind,” but are undoubtedly important, and provide the highest quality resources and training options to bridge the gap. It is not in a PowerPoint presentation, but in instructor-led, hands on, and online instructor-led courses that are designed for all types of learners packed with interactive workshops and resource materials.

ITI has dozens of lessons from industry experts that explain not only regulations and standards, but industry best practices as well. If you do not have the in-house experts to supply this type information, you can rely on ITI to deliver this expertise when it comes to heavy lifting and load handling activities.

The best way to see if something works is to try it. We have many customers that are in need of training for new employees and we are able to supply them with a learning management system (LMS) and content within 2 weeks. With so many other things on a training manager’s plate, setting up online learning should never be the primary focus. That is our job and we are proud to do it efficiently.

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It is already expensive to on-board employees and get them properly trained. Online, on-demand learning is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get employees the knowledge they need to be successful. Online learning is the perfect supplement to hands-on training that new employees will receive once they are on site. A setup fee is a minuscule cost compared to the safety cost of unprepared employees.

Another pitfall facing the industry is job preparedness and new employees around equipment they have limited experience being around. Job shadowing is a piece of the puzzle, but cannot be universal answer to the question at hand. As someone really, really smart once said, “knowledge is power.”

According to ITI Co-Founder Mike Parnell, “We want to feed them, not just tap them on the head.” In other words, we want our students to retain information not just to pass a test but to be safe in the workplace on and off the job.

It is ITI’s mission to offer the best curriculum and practices for the industry as a whole, with the ultimate end goal of keeping workers safe while they make their contribution to building the world.E-Learning Customers

These industry leaders (just to name a few), count on ITI Online as a vital component of their overall load handling training program, will you be the next to join them? 

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Jacklynn Burbank

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