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Industrial Training InternationalMar 22, 2016 8:41:15 AM2 min read

"Likely the Most Exciting Crane & Rigging Event in History" to be held at Barnhart Crane & Rigging

March 22, 2016, Memphis, Tennessee

The Crane & Rigging Expo ( will be held June 23-24, 2016 at Barnhart Crane & Rigging Headquarters and the ITI Memphis co-located Training Center. Global industry professionals and media are now able to sign up to attend the highly anticipated expo, which will be highlighted by Barnhart's specialized engineered load handling equipment demonstrations and hands-on ITI crane and rigging workshops workshops.

The Expo will feature over 15 demonstrations and workshops for participants including:

CRE_Demo_Blocks_HydTipStick.jpg CRE_Demo_Blocks_CantileverBeam.jpg
CRE_Demo_Blocks_HydraulicGantrySystem.jpg CRE_Demo_Blocks_HydraulicTurntable.jpg
CRE_Workshop_Blocks_HydraulicSkid.jpg CRE_Demo_Blocks_ModLiftTower.jpg
CRE_Demo_Blocks_PoweredSaddleRollers.jpg CRE_Demo_Blocks_PullUpGantries.jpg
CRE_Workshop_Blocks_SPMT.jpg CRE_Workshop_Blocks_AirSkating.jpg
CRE_Workshop_Blocks_ChainHoist.jpg CRE_Demo_Blocks_MobileCraneSimulator.jpg
CRE_Workshop_Blocks_Overhead.jpg CRE_Workshop_Blocks_MobileCrane.jpg
CRE_Workshop_Blocks_Winches.jpg CRE_Blocks_WORKSHOPS.jpg


Zack Parnell, President of ITI, on how this event came into being:  "The idea for the Expo was hatched a few years ago between the Barnhart and ITI teams, it just never seemed feasible due to the immense cost of mobilizing all of Barnhart's equipment. Fortunately, this year, the Electric Power Research Institute ( decided to host their Hoisting, Rigging & Crane User Group Meeting at our joint Training Center - so we felt that with that private event being held on June 21-22, we would host a public event the following two days while the equipment and people were mobilized. For the crane, rigging and transport enthusiast, this is likely the most exciting event to be able to attend in history. When else could you view some of the most incredible engineered load handling equipment, in action, by one of the best in the business?"

The Crane & Rigging Expo will provide the ultimate opportunity to participate in live demonstration of Barnhart engineered equipment and ITI Training Center Hands-On Workshops.

Barnhart ( was founded in 1969 in Memphis, Tennessee, as a small family-owned business. While we are still a family-run company Barnhart has grown to be one of the largest Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport organization in the United States with more than 40 locations across the country and a nationwide reputation for solving problems. Barnhart provides world-class service through a local presence. Operated crane rentalrigging servicesoutage planning, specialized solutions for component replacementindustrial storage and national project cargo logistics all combine to ensure Barnhart’'s customers receive the lowest total project cost. Barnhart also boasts one of the largest engineering teams in the industry – including a full R&D department – driving innovation across all services.

Over the past 30 years, ITI ( has become recognized by customers and competitors alike as having an innovative and pioneering attitude toward training, and for having raised the current levels of instruction for cranes, rigging, and load handling activities. ITI's personal belief is that people have a greatly increased chance of retention by "seeing, speaking and doing" all at the same time. 

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