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Industrial Training International Jun 19, 2019 12:12:00 PM 2 min read

Master Rigger & Overhead Crane Inspector Courses Added to ITI Woodland Training Center Schedule

Overhead Crane Inspector: August 12-14 | Master Rigger: September 9-12

WOODLAND, WA, June 19, 2019 -- Industrial Training International (, is adding two courses to its 2019 Woodland, Washington Training Center calendar. 

Overhead Crane Inspector | August 12-14 | $1,395

Although the Overhead Crane Inspector Course has been a staple of ITI's curriculum portfolio for more than 30 years, the newly added August session marks the first time the course will be offered in open enrollment form through the Woodland Training Center. Overhead Crane Inspector has previously been offered at ITI Training Centers in Cleveland, and Houston, as well as at client locations upon request. 

The initial offering in the Pacific Northwest is made possible through a partnership with Thompson Metal Fab, which will host the course on its Vancouver, WA campus. 

The course is designed to increase the participants' level of knowledge for inspection of overhead lifting devices, which include bridge, gantry, monorail, fixed hoists and jib wall mounts. Overhead crane inspection training has grown rapidly over the past few years in several industries. 

The 3-day course consists of classroom workshops and hands-on inspection sessions. Practical learning is incorporated on overhead cranes and is followed by a written exam and hands-on inspection evaluations, with a 5-year ITI Qualification earned upon passing the exams.

Course Subjects
  • Hoist Chain Inspection
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Daily, Monthly, Annual Checklists
  • Brakes
  • Limit Switches
  • Structural
  • Drive Trains
  • Applicable Federal, State, and Provincial Regulations & Standards

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Master Rigger | September 9-12 | $1,895

The pinnacle of ITI's hands-on rigging training, the Master Rigger Course exposes participants to the widest variety of equipment and applications in the industry. Designed for participants that are experienced (2+ years), when it comes to crane and rigging operations. 

*Rigger and Signalperson Qualification Exams are offered on Day 5, following the Master Rigger Course for an additional fee. Written and Practical Exams are administered. Candidates who successfully pass the exams will receive a 5-year ITI Qualification. 

Course Subjects
  • Inclined Planes
  • Rigging Block & Winch Systems
  • Chain Fall Load Drifting
  • Levers, Jacks and Rollers
  • Spreader Bars
  • Multiple Crane Lifts
  • Off-Level Pick Points
  • Multiple Hitch Systems
  • Load Turning
  • Load Moving Procedures
  • Load Distribution
  • All subjects covered in the ITI Intermediate Rigging Course:
    • Terms and Definitions
    • D/d Ratio
    • Effects of Shock Loading
    • Rigging Gear Inspection
    • Load Control - Center of Gravity
    • Load Weight Estimation
    • Load Factors for Sling Legs
    • Hitches and Pick Points
    • Rigger's Checklist
    • Crane Hand Signals
  • Applicable Federal, State, and Provincial Regulations & Standard

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