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Tony ChanJan 11, 2024 2:12:09 PM7 min read

ITI Training Centers: World Class Crane & Rigging Training (With the NPS* to Prove it!)


You've probably heard companies rave about their products or services before. Like when they say, "This is the fastest, most robust widget ever!" or "Now powered by quantum nano holo-distortion technology!" These kinds of big claims are standard. They're designed to make their products stand out and seem better than the rest.

How can an informed buyer evaluate their options with this type of messaging?

Breaking Down Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Enter Net Promoter Score or NPS. NPS measures customer perception of a product, service, or company as a whole and is based on aggregate responses to a single question:

"On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you (the customer) to recommend (a Product, Service, or Company) to a friend or colleague?"

Responses are then classified into three groups:

  • If they score a 9 or 10, they're called Promoters. These are your super fans – loyal and enthusiastic about what you're offering.
  • A 7 or 8? These folks are Neutral or Passive. They're happy with what they got but have yet to be overjoyed.
  • Scores between 0 and 6 are Detractors. These customers could be more thrilled. They probably won't return and might even tell others to stay away. 

Calculating NPS

Let's discuss how the final NPS is worked out. Imagine you subtracting the percentage of folks who aren't really into the product (the Detractors) from those who love it (the Promoters). The ones in the middle, the Neutrals, don't affect the score. 

For instance, if 5% are Detractors, 35% are Neutral, and 60% are Promoters, you do a quick math of 60 minus 5, landing you at an NPS of 55. The score can swing from -100 (if everyone's giving a thumbs down) to a perfect 100 (if everyone's a big fan).

"What's a good NPS score?" Well, it's not a one-size-fits-all answer, but here's a general idea:

  • Above 0? Good stuff! You've got more fans than not-so-happy customers.
  • Over 20? Even better!
  • Past 50? That's impressive.
  • More than 75? You're in the top league!

The higher the score, the better. But it's a bit more nuanced than that. The type of industry can influence what's considered a good score. 


ITI’s Outstanding NPS Scores

The average NPS in the Consumer Payment world is a flat 0, but it's a solid 39 for hotels. That shows how different industries have different benchmarks for what's seen as a good NPS.

Two very different industry segments, both necessary services for people across the demographic spectrum and two very different benchmarks for NPS.

Now that you are an NPS expert*, according to more than 3,300 student responses in 2023, ITI is thrilled to report the following NPS scores (*unofficial):

  • ITI = 83%
  • ITI Instructors = 88%

It is fantastic to learn that ITI students (end users in our case) hold what we do in such high regard. 

We've identified elements that impacted our NPS. We pinpointed the challenges teams and organizations face in the crane, rigging, and load-handling industry. We'll also briefly tour the ITI Training Centers across the U.S. and Canada.

Factors Contributing to ITI’s High NPS

  • Evolving Curriculum & Content:  ITI courses and content contain a unique methodology that can be traced back to Co-Founder and former Technical Director of ITI, Mike Parnell.
    Course modules and materials have been updated to align with changing industry standards and technological progress.
    Those who have picked up the torch (ITI Technical Services Team and ITI Design & Development Studio) ensure that Mike's "learn it, see it, do it" approach remains at the forefront.
  • Subject Matter Experts (Instructors): No ITI position is scrutinized more than the Technical Services (Instructor) group.
    ITI Instructors are industry veterans who have come together from diverse industry backgrounds.
    They've got stories, experiences, and a ton of wisdom to share, making their lessons engaging and valuable.
  • Collection and Response to Feedback: Continuous improvement is a fundamental value of ITI as an organization and undoubtedly factors into ITI NPS results. Student feedback is taken seriously, and courses are regularly updated to reflect ever-evolving needs.
  • Holistic Training Methodology: ITI provides training through different methods and options, tailoring them to diverse skill and experience levels. This approach ensures a learning environment that is customized. 

A worker in high-visibility clothing secures a large red load with chains to a Grove mobile crane during a safety training program at an ITI training center.

Pain Points and Potential Solutions Moving Forward

Navigating complexities requires a strategic approach. The following pain points and solutions will be top of mind for organizations and teams going forward.

  • Enhancing Safety and Reducing Incidents: The risk of accidents and safety non-compliance in the workplace is a significant concern.
    Integrating safety protocols and incident prevention training, aligned with OSHA standards, can reduce workplace accidents and bolster overall safety performance.
  • Bridging Skills Gaps and Standardizing Competencies: The industry often faces varied skill levels and knowledge gaps among personnel.
    Offering a range of training courses from essential to advanced levels helps standardize skills and knowledge. This ensures a more uniformly skilled workforce.
    ITI's course offerings, including Master Rigger, Rigging Gear Inspector, and CCO Mobile Crane Operator, are crucial in bridging these gaps.
  • Streamlining Training Administration: The challenge of efficiently organizing and executing training programs can impede operational efficiency.
    Implementing comprehensive training materials, flexible learning options, and expert-led instruction can simplify the process.
  • Addressing Labor Shortage and Employee Engagement: Attracting, retaining, and engaging skilled workers is critical.
    Providing industry-recognized certification and dynamic training experiences can aid in attracting and retaining talent.
    It also boosts employee engagement through skill development and career advancement opportunities.
  • Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements: Rapid technological changes demand constant adaptation.
    Training that includes the latest technological advancements ensures professionals are equipped with current knowledge and skills.
  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and Adherence to Industry Safety Standards: The complexity of industry regulations and safety standards requires ongoing education. Training focused on current industry standards, legal requirements, and best practices is essential to ensure organizations remain compliant and avoid penalties.

An outdoor practical examination at an ITI training center where a trainee is guiding a large green winch onto a transport trailer, emphasizing real-world rigging and transport safety scenarios.

ITI Training Centers Tour

We boast a network of state-of-the-art training centers, each uniquely equipped to provide an immersive learning experience.
These facilities are strategically located across North America to cater to a wide range of learners, offering hands-on training with various equipment and facilities.

Woodland, Washington – Training Center & Corporate Headquarters

The Woodland Training Center was the first of its kind and houses ITI's corporate headquarters. Training equipment includes:

  • Three on-site mobile cranes and over 75 live-loads.
  • An extensive overhead load rail system.
  • A diverse array of rigging hardware and equipment, including slings, rigging hardware, and hydraulic systems.
  • Two large classrooms for theoretical training. This center represents ITI's commitment to comprehensive, hands-on training equipped to simulate real-world scenarios.
  • ITI Simulations Lab, which includes as many as five simulator stations with more than 20 unique cranes and equipment, can be operated in a safe learning environment.

Houston, Texas – Training Center Partnership with Houston Area Safety Council (HASC)

The Houston Training Center, located at the Houston Area Safety Council headquarters, offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor practical training spaces for a fixed cab, swing cab, lattice boom, and overhead cranes.
  • The ITI Rigging Conex.
  • A cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) Crane Simulator.
  • Multiple classrooms for varied learning experiences.

Memphis, Tennessee – Training Center Collaboration with Barnhart Crane & Rigging

Centrally located (in a national sense), the Memphis center is a collaboration with Barnhart Crane & Rigging, featuring:

  • A comprehensive range of rigging equipment.
  • An overhead crane system and over 35 live-loads.
  • Mobile cranes dedicated to training and certification testing.

Cleveland, Ohio – Training Center Partnership with Mazzella Companies

The Cleveland facility, situated at the Mazzella Companies' Carter Road Showroom, includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor training spaces equipped with practical training equipment.
  • The ITI Rigging Conex for specialized training.
  • A full-sized classroom for immersive learning experiences.

Tampa, Florida – Training Center Collaboration with Florida Handling Systems (FHS)

Located in Bartow, Florida, this center is a joint venture with FHS, a Mazzella Company, offering:

  • Facilities for both practical and theoretical training.
  • A focus on safety and solutions-based approaches in load handling.
  • Serves the southeastern United States.

Alberta, Canada – Training Center Collaboration with Energy Safety Canada

The ITI Edmonton Training Centre, housed within the Energy Safety Canada Campus in Nisku, boasts:

  • Over $250,000 in state-of-the-art rigging and lifting equipment.
  • A multitude of rigging equipment and overhead lifting systems.
  • Over 25 live loads and a mobile crane for practical training.
  • Proximity to Edmonton International Airport, facilitating easy access for international students. This center is ITI's premier crane, rigging, and lifting training location in Western Canada.

Two trainees wearing hard hats and safety vests collaborate to measure weight tension using a digital dynamometer as part of an ITI rigging course.

Next Steps: Engaging with ITI

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Tony Chan

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