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Jonathan ParnellAug 4, 2021 4:00:00 PM1 min read

Two Ways to Learn: Best Practices

At a coal crushing facility a few weeks ago, I talked to a miner about his work experience. “Jon, I’ve been underground for the last ten years. The way we rig here is how we’ve always done it,” he told me; “I had no idea how much risk we have in our operations.” Much of this young man’s work knowledge came from his foreman and his foreman’s foreman. You get the idea.

How does an employee learn new techniques about how best to rig for his company’s operations? Often times in the world of production, profit and loss, we forget that there are other companies out there operating under the same circumstances we find ourselves now. How does a company learn about best practices in its own industry? Two ways, right off the bat, are audits and training.

Audits offer a fresh set of eyes to look at your company’s operations. A trusted audit company brings a trove of knowledge from their experience across numerous industries and can recommend best practices as they fit your company’s safety and production needs.

Sending your employees to training or – better yet – host a training company to your facility allows employees to learn the tools and practices that will ensure they work safely without compromising productivity.

Rigging “the way we’ve always done it” lends itself to dated practices, potentially putting riggers at risk. There are better ways to rig – we can help.



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