Classroom + Hands-On Rigging = Great Training

jim cox, Testimonial April 27, 2011

The Journeyman Rigger class was awesome. One of the best classes I have ever attended. Jim Cox was very knowledgeable. He kept my interest during the whole class. Classroom + Hands-on rigging = great training.

Long Vu
City of San Jose

"The best rigging and crane class I've ever taken"

Bob Schumacher, RK Mechanical January 3, 2011

Great class!  I really needed to learn more about the math and formulas involved [in rigging applications].  By far this is the best rigging and crane class I've ever taken.  Lot's of useful information.

RK Mechanical

Master Rigger Course Feedback for ITI Instructor Jim Cox

jim cox, Testimonial December 17, 2010

Jim is one of the best instructors I have met.  His level of knowledge is superior.  He kept the entire class engaged and awake while putting out a lot of info.

Terry Lambert - US Gov. SRF JRMC

Jim was very knowledgeable and really made the course fun.  I looked forward to returning everyday because I knew I would learn more each day.

Stephen Lyons - DCL Mooring & Rigging

Mobile Crane Operator Training Testimonial from The Boeing Company

Bob Schumacher, The Boeing Company November 3, 2010

I think this mobile crane operator training course is the most needed. I'm very glad to have gone through it. Bob did very well. I'm leaving this class with much improved load chart confidence. Thank you for that!

Kirt W. Jones
The Boeing Company

The Importance of Formal Crane & Rigging Training

jim cox, Testimonial October 27, 2010

Very good course, I highly recommend it.  I learned so much that I thought I already knew.

M. Ruggeri
Marathon Oil

PCL Enjoys Rigging Training on Lift Planning

mike parnell, PCL October 20, 2010
PCL Holds Lift Planning Workshop in Bellevue, WA
PCL hired North America's largest rigging training provider to conduct a series of 8-hour courses for field foremen, site and project engineers, and superintendents. The fast-paced program was nearly all workshop driven, and challenged participants to solve a variety of problems relating to cranes and rigging activities.
Subjects addressed included weight estimation, CG, sling tensions, rigging methods, inspections and the series was capped off with a lift planning peer review and a new installation plan development project. The instructor was ITI Technical Director & Co-Founder, Mike Parnell, who serves as the ASME B30 Vice Chairman (Main Committee of the Crane & Rigging group) and the ASME P30 Chairman (Lift Planning).
Visit them at

Corey Vlad
PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Russ "a Great Instructor"

Russ Donaldson October 18, 2010

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the great job Russ did at out training class last week.

He is a great instructor; he knows how to present the material to linemen in a practical manner.  It was one of the best training classes I have been to.

Please make sure this gets to his manager so Russ can get the credit he deserves.

Michael Simmonds
IBEW - Local 126

40-60% Hands-On Crane & Rigging Training

mike parnell, hands-on rigging training, hands-on crane training October 5, 2010

NEW CRANE RULES-  How are we going to get our employees trained?  What are in the crane standards?  Certified Training for crane operators, certified riggers and signalmen, a lot of training and a lot of training companies out there….. but who is good and how is the small company going to afford the training?

People have been asking me for my two cents; and here it is. Do you want training or just a certificate.   I have attended several Rigging Training Courses and Mobile Crane Inspection Training courses over the last 25 years, most of them average at best.  Along comes Mike Parnell and Woodland, Washington; Industrial Training International….. BINGO.

Real classroom training and real hands-on training.  I have attend three rigging workshops out west and have had Mike and his company do training for CERTEX and Certex Customers in Birmingham, Decatur, Mobile and Atlanta.

There are many trainers and companies conducting crane and rigging training and they issue a nice, printed certificate.   Mike Parnell's trainers spend 40-50-60% on hands on training…HANDS ON TRAINING.  People tell me, "You are the best when it come to rigging."  I might be a good Toast Master, a good for a speech at a Safety Conference, but the best Crane & Rigging Trainer is Mike Parnell and his crane & rigging team.


Danny Callies, Safety Director

G&R Mineral Services

I Can Easily Recommend ITI for our Crane & Rigging Training

crane and rigging, rigging training, crane training, crane and rigging training, advanced rigger certification, crane and rigging training testimonial July 23, 2010

I was very impressed with ITI’s facility and course materials.  The problem solving portion of the ‘Advanced Rigger Certification’ material is some of the best I have seen.  The facility has almost every technology you can imagine available for use and training.  The practical problem solving exercises are very educational and well thought out.

I can easily recommend a continuing relationship with ITI for our crane and rigging training.

Forrest Ramey, Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company

Kind Words from a Great Man

As the media reminds us of the high rates of accidents occurring to operators and riggers, we at Cianbro Companies strive to provide our employees with the skills and knowledge of how to prevent an accident. In the past our company has received Master Rigging Training from Industrial Training International. They offer a hands-on approach by providing rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures and load control using almost any vertical or horizontal rigging system. The classroom teaching techniques and hands-on learning exercises that we have received from the Industrial Training International group has guided our company in creating our own successful in house rigging training program. The Industrial Training International crew and facilities are truly a world class group, solely dedicated to educating and improving the crane and rigging world.

The late George Arsenault, Rigging Training Coordinator, Cianbro Companies - December 8, 2008

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