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Amanda Henry Jun 8, 2018 11:12:00 AM 3 min read

VR Simulation Crane Model Spotlight: Broderson IC-80

The Broderson IC-80 represents the initial carry deck crane model featured via ITI VR Simulations. Tough, versatile, and years of dependable service all contributed to making the Broderson IC-80 the most popular compact carry deck crane in the industry. Adaptable for a wide variety of industrial and maintenance applications, the IC-80 is an ideal industrial carry deck crane for heavy lifting in constrained environments.

Broderson has correctly identified that energy, steel, utility, manufacturing, mining, and other heavy industry markets needed more dependable, versatile, and durable industrial cranes. Broderson focuses on reliability, quality, and simplicity. The company now holds a well-deserved reputation for rugged design, precise control, and dependability. The IC-80 model continues to grow on performance and the ability to exceed the expectations of their most demanding customers. Other Broderson Carry Deck Cranes include models that offer 2.5, 4, 4.5, 9, 10, 15, 18, and 25 ton lifting capacities.

Broderson IC-80 Specs

  • Max Lifting Capacity – 9 tons
  • Max Lift Height – 46’ (with boom extension)
  • Boom Length – 30’
  • Boom Rotation - 360Β° continuous
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 16,750 lbs
  • Height – 7’3”
  • Width – 6’6”

Broderson IC – 80 Features

  • Self-Loading Carry Deck provides practical load-carrying capability
  • 4-Wheel Steer where the front and rear wheels steer in opposite directions, permits a very tight turning radius for quick positioning in constrained spaces. Operator can quickly switch between rear-wheel steering, 4-wheel, or crab steering
  • Hoisting with a hydraulically-powered turret-mounted planetary gear system provides all the low speed power to lift heavy loads, and a high-speed setting for faster cycle times when lifting lighter loads.
  • Four Hydraulic Independently Controlled Outriggers partitioned from boom functions ensures safer and more precise operations
  • Sequentially Extending/Retracting 3-Section Boom with continuous 360Β° swing rotation turret. Simplicity of the worm drive gear box results in greater reliability.
  • Rated Capacity Limiter warns the operator of impending overload with audible and visual signals, and stopping boom functions in the event of overloads.


The IC-80 is available now to all ITI VR subscribers. Single station hardware pricing for the IC-80 starts at $7,000.


ITI VR Simulations focus on three key areas to ensure the best simulator training experience available.

1. User Experience

Virtual reality is an incredible technological leap and improvement over legacy (screen-centric) simulator systems

2. Subscription Model

Hardware is sold at the costs of goods and you pay for unlimited access to the growing library of content including an expanding library of crane models and scenarios. Additionally, all technical support and service is included in the subscription.

3. Free Updates

ITI will continuously work with partners in the industry to add new content to the mobile crane simulator library including: new crane models, rigging challenges, and equipment types at no additional cost.

To learn more about ITI VR and the VR Carry Deck Crane Simulator visit or use the button below to request a demonstration. 



About Broderson

Broderson Manufacturing Corp., founded by Dean Broderson, is one of many post-war β€œGreatest Generation” successes that helped turn America into an economic superpower. Born in 1925 in the flat farming country of Osage County Kansas, Dean patriotically served his country with honor as a tail gunner during World War II. After returning to his native Kansas, Dean earned an engineering degree at the University of Kansas. Early on in his engineering career Dean demonstrated a keen interest in lift equipment innovation working with Ray Pittman (founder of Pitman Manufacturing and R.O. Products) and Art Moore (founder of Snorkel) in the Kansas City area. Broderson was founded in 1973 based on Dean’s confidence in his engineering experiences, and the belief in the market need for innovative lift equipment vision. Success came quickly and the unique Broderson legacy lives on vibrantly to this day.






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