Carry Deck Operator TRAINING

Carry Deck Crane

Broderson IC-80

Hands-on carry deck operator training has never occurred outside of the actual machine as simulation has never been available for this equipment. The VR Carry Deck Operator Simulator is a virtual replica of a Broderson IC-80 Carry Deck now making training and assessment of carry deck operators on-demand, self-paced and in an engaging training environment.

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Maximum Portability


Desktop Hardware
Convenient, Cost-Effective

The desktop VR simulator can be attached to almost any desk surface. Units are completely portable and can be checked as standard luggage on any passenger flight.

Motion-Base Hardware
Fully Immersive, Full-Body Control

The motion base VR simulator provides a true crane cab experience that includes responsive foot pedals, operator chair, robust hand controls, and full-motion platform.



Mobile Crane Operator Apprenticeship | 300+ Learning Scenarios
Go from greenhorn operator to grizzled veteran in this full-scale training program. Exercises and learning outcomes include:
  • Crane setup, outrigger deployment, leveling of the crane, boom setup, and LMI programming
  • Pre-lift assessments, crane load charts, review of basic rigging methods, pick-up radius, travel path, and set-down radius
  • Load handling, NCCCO test weights, AC units, Motors, Generators, Transformers
  • Crane hand signals and voice commands • Safe operating procedures in poor weather, around high voltage lines and in hazardous environments
  • Crane shut down and securement
NCCCO Practical Exam Prep | 40 Learning Scenarios
Prepare for the NCCCO National Mobile Crane Operator Certification Exams in this training plan. The administrator and the user have the option to conduct this training course in a pre-test practice mode, or jump right into the practical exam. Objectives include:
  • Conduct a pre-operational inspection of a mobile crane
  • Safely operate a mobile crane using multiple functions within a time limit
  • Interpret crane hand signals to complete various operator responsible functions
  • Safely shut down and secure a mobile crane
Operator Screening & Qualification | 50 Learning Scenarios
The new guy on the job listed “crane operator” as one of his skills, but he doesn’t have a certification or any other proof to back it up. Don’t just throw him the keys to a half-million-dollar machine without running him through this assessment program first!
  • Three unique operator qualification assessments on a Tadano RT GR-1000XL
  • Three unique operator qualification assessments on a Link-Belt 218 HSL
  • Four operator screening modes based on fifty load handling scenarios
Challenge Series | 30 Learning Scenarios
Compare employees or set company standards in the Challenge Series Training Plan. Comprehensive challenges push operator skills to the limit in every facet of mobile crane operation, including:
  • Load control
  • Corridor Navigation
  • Signaling
  • Load Chart Checks
  • Pre-Operation Inspections
  • Setup & shut-down procedure
Hazard Identification & Risk Control | 30 Learning Scenarios
A competent operator needs to stay cool under pressure and rely on their training and experience when the unexpected happens. This training plan will expose the operator to:
  • Weather related complications
  • Mechanical failures
  • Hardware failures
  • Site complications
  • Communication complications
  • And more!


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