Carry Deck Crane VR Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulator

Hands-on carry deck operator training has never occurred outside of the actual machine as simulation has never been available for this equipment. The VR Carry Deck Operator Simulator is a virtual replica of a Broderson IC-80 Carry Deck now making training and assessment of carry deck operators on-demand, self-paced and in an engaging training environment.

Broderson IC-80 Specs

  • Capacity on Outriggers: 18,000 lb
  • Pick & Carry Capacity: 11,700 lb
  • Height: 7’ 3”
  • Width: 6’ 6”
  • Max. Tip Height: 46’
  • Max. Horizontal Reach: 40’

Our Mission

ITI VR and Serious Labs have partnered to deliver the most robust Crane Simulation Library in the world, featuring over 1,000 scenarios across 8 crane models to a community of subscribers that benefit with each new crane model, scenario,
and feature released.

Hardware Options

All ITI VR Station Base Options Include:

  • High Powered VR Laptop
  • Oculus Headset & 2 Oculus Sensors
  • Configuration Pod Mounts
  • Controller Pods


250+ Learning Scenarios!

High Level Objectives include:


  • Learn basic functions, controls, and operation techniques.


  • Fine tune basic functions and introduction to multiple simultaneous functions.
  • Introduction of test weight loads and designated load travel path.

Hook & Pole

  • Repetitions focusing on precision and load control.


  • Learn to control and “catch” the swing.
  • Introduction to throttle functions.

Full Lift Execution

  • Work with signalpersons, and tagline operators to safely and efficiently complete lifts.
  • Multiple loads, environments, and load chart circumstances available to expose operators to a wide array of job site challenges.

NCCCO Practice Exam

  • Designed to focus on skills and experience needed to successfully navigate NCCCO Boom Truck— Fixed Cab (BTF) practical exam.