Is the Future of Industrial Training Virtual?



 New Research Study Aims to Identify the Role of VR in Industrial Training

Industry and the way work is conducted is evolving, quickly. As this reality trickles down to the organizations and individuals tasked with conducting work, the natural assumption is the way people are trained and evaluated must evolve as well. Of particular interest is the role and efficacy of new technology and tools that have the potential to be indoctrinated into the training and evaluation process.

New original research conducted by FMI Corporation (, aims to deliver insight into the following research thesis by answering three overarching questions:

  1. What are the true costs of training and evaluating aerial lift and crane operators?
  2. What are the perceptions of current training and evaluation?
  3. What are the perceptions of legacy simulators and immersive virtual reality (VR)?

Introducing VR to the training and evaluation of aerial lift and crane operators can significantly reduce costs, accelerate competency, and attract the next generation.


The findings on the efficacy of VR as complement to traditional construction equipment operator training is focused specifically on U.S.-based aerial lift and crane operators and was sponsored by the following organizations:

Research was conducted by FMI Corporation during the months of January through May 2018. Approximately 1,000 contractors that employ crane and aerial lift operators in the U.S. were identified as subjects of the study. Data from the contractors was sourced through in-depth interviews and electronic survey questionnaires.

The research was finalized in Q4 2018, and a full report is now available for download

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About ITI VR Simulations

ITI VR encompasses the most widely-used VR crane and equipment operator training and assessment platform the industry has ever seen. ITI VR harnesses the technology of virtual reality, and is infused with the technical industry knowledge and educational design of Industrial Training International (ITI) subject matter experts to provide fully immersive, hands-on, practical operator training. The suite of crane types available within ITI VR includes Rough Terrain, Lattice Boom Crawler, Boom Truck, Carry Deck, Overhead Crane, and Tower Crane models built exactly to the original equipment manufacturer specifications. The pioneering subscription model allows ITI VR Community members unlimited content updates including, new crane types, training scenarios, and environments as they become available. ITI is a global leader in training and technical services for users of load handling equipment, and has been a pioneering force in the load handling industry since 1986.

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