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Industrial Training InternationalMar 13, 2019 2:17:00 AM1 min read

ITI VR Simulations Holding the Banner for Cranes at the STRS Symposium in London


On 26-27 March, ITI UK Managing Director, Christina Lanham will be presenting at the Simulation and Training for Resilience and Safety (STRS) Symposium in London at No. 4 Hamilton Place.

This event focuses on creating partnerships between training and simulation for a multitude of industries including; defence, nuclear power, construction and oil & gas. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with exhibitors as well as sit in on a number of sessions from industry professionals. The event's mission is to "...enable attendees to benchmark against similar high risk, high reliability sectors which deploy simulation for training. It will also provide new techniques and solutions to deliver safer and more efficient operations.”


ITI UK will be offering demonstrations of the its VR Crane Simulator during the event. The focus of Ms. Lanham’s presentation will be on leveraging virtual reality and collaborative communities to improve craft training.ITIVR-TAG-Graphic-White

For more information, contact ITI UK at or go to

About ITI VR Simulations

ITI VR encompasses the most widely-used VR crane and equipment operator training and assessment platform the industry has ever seen. It harnesses the technology of virtual reality, and is infused with the technical industry knowledge and educational design of Industrial Training International (ITI) subject matter experts to provide fully immersive, hands-on, practical operator training. The suite of crane types available within ITI VR includes Rough Terrain, Lattice Boom Crawler, Boom Truck, Carry Deck, Overhead Crane, and Tower Crane models built exactly to the original equipment manufacturer specifications. The pioneering subscription model allows ITI VR Community members unlimited content updates including, new crane types, training scenarios, and environments as they become available. ITI is a global leader in training and technical services for users of load handling equipment, and has been a pioneering force in the load handling industry since 1986.


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