Boom Truck VR Simulator

Virtual Reality Simulator

Boom trucks offer a great deal of mobility and are often regarded as lower risk machines given the smaller load capacities. But on the contrary, boom truck operations account for a high volume of incidents due to their large availability, under-trained and under-qualified operators and unique operational risks like the blind spots a boom truck cab creates.  In the VR Boom Truck Operator Simulator, training and assessment occurs in an authentic way, right from the cab of 28 ton, Terex BT 28106.

Terex BT 28106 Specs

  • Max. Capacity: 28 tons
  • Main Boom Length: 106’
  • Max. Tip Height w/Ext: 162’
  • Max. Boom Length: 153’
  • Max. Counterweight: None
  • Overall Length: 32’ 3”

Our Mission

ITI VR and Serious Labs have partnered to deliver the most robust Crane Simulation Library in the world, featuring over 1,000 scenarios across 8 crane models to a community of subscribers that benefit with each new crane model, scenario,
and feature released.

Hardware Options

All ITI VR Station Base Options Include:

  • High Powered VR Laptop
  • Oculus Headset & 2 Oculus Sensors
  • Configuration Pod Mounts
  • Controller Pods

250+ Learning Scenarios!

High Level Objectives include:


  • Learn basic functions, controls, and operation techniques.


  • Fine tune basic functions and introduction to multiple simultaneous functions.
  • Introduction of test weight loads and designated load travel path.

Hook & Pole

  • Repetitions focusing on precision and load control.


  • Introduction to working with signalperson to follow proper hand signals.
  • Develop trust with signalperson to navigate loads on safe travel path while avoiding obstacles.

Full Lift Execution

  • Work with signalpersons, and tagline operators to safely and efficiently complete lifts.
  • Multiple loads, environments, and load chart circumstances available to expose operators to a wide array of job site challenges.

NCCCO Practice Exam

  • Designed to focus on skills and experience needed to successfully navigate NCCCO Boom Truck— Fixed Cab (BTF) practical exam.